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The following teachers are a part of EDAS Teachers Network:

Peter Breuer - Artistic director Salzburg Ballet and SIBA workshop

Peter Breuer (Germany)  - Artistic director Salzburg Ballet Theater and SIBA Salzburg workshops. 




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Ildiko Pongor

Ildiko Pongor (Hungary) - Ballet, Pointe, Repertoire

Ildikó Pongor is considered a classic ballet jewel in the Hungarian crown, a permanent guest artist of the Staatsoper of Vienna, a leading soloist in Stockholm for many years, and has danced in every major city of Europe. Currently active as a HNBC Ballet Master and a guest of many international ballet galas in the USA. Ildiko Pongor will give a presentation evening with movies at SIBA and coach our ballet students.

Alexander Korobko

Alexander Korobko - ( Ukrania, Salzburg)  -  Ballet, Men Technique, Rep)

Principal dancer of the Salzburg Ballet,

Alexander joined the Salzburg Ballet in 2003 and danced and choreographed ever since. participated in all major productions of the Salzburg Ballet.

Fabrice Edelmann of Nacho Duato

Fabrice Edelmann - (Spain) - Contemporary and Nacho Duato Choreography

Rehearsal director  for Compania Nacional de Danza 2, Tony Fabre, Nacho Duato Former Principal dancer at the Compania Nacional de Danza Nacho Duato.

SIBA Faculty - Jose Carlos Blanco Martinez

Jose Carlos Blanco Martinez - Pilates, Nacho Duato, Jazz, teacher and Choreographer

Since 2001 with the Spanish National Dance Co. under Nacho Duato, became principal dancer, ballet master, certified Pilates instructor and teacher, A welcome addition of SIBA faculty. Jose Carlos will also teach Pilates, Jazz and improvisation in addition to classical ballet and Nacho Duato choreograpies.

Janos Misurak - (Hungary, Sweden) Ballet, Men Technique)
Artistic Director of DancePoint Gothenburg Sweden ballet school. Former solo dancer at the Hungarian National Baller, Deutsche Oper Berlin, The Dutch National Ballet and more.
Hanna Maria Brostrom (Sweden) - Massage therapist, Dance
Available for students physical and mental care during the workshop. Director of the Dancepoint ballet school in Gothenburg, Sweden. and a partner in SIBA. Fully certified Pilates Instructor. Accredited opera singer and will participate in SIBA Gala shows. Ballet Master for Youth program
Alexander Wengler - (Salzburg, Austria) Hip Hop Technique and Choreography. One of Salzburg most outstanding Hip Hop teacher and performer.
Fernando Coelho - Brazil

Fernando Coelho - Brazil

Ballet, Choreography, Repertoire

Professor for classical dance and methodic of classical dance at the University for Music, Cologne, Germany.



Cristina Uta

Cristina Uta - Romania

Principal dancer Salzburg Ballet




Dawn Weller - Australia

Dawn Weller - Australia

Director Perth College Of Dance




Jenia Batista

Jenia Batista - Brazil, Switzerland

Director Avant-Garde Academy and company Lausanne

Ballet, Contemporary, Choreography



Dahlia Dvir

Dahlia Dvir - Israel

Thelma Yelin School of Arts - Dance

Ballet teacher and performances coach



Lyn Wiltshire

Lyn Wiltshire - USA

Director Texas University Dance/Drama Dept.

Modern Dance, Contemporary, Choreography




Anna Key Ward - Classical Ballet Teacher

Anna Key Ward - USA

Artistic Director of Ballet Juennesse of Huntsville and the Director of Ballet at Angela's Academy of Dance.

Teaches Russian classical style ballet, and choreographer,



Christina Beskou - Greece

Artistic Director Seresta company

Modern Dance, Contemporary, Choreography



Micky Friedmann

Micky Friedmann - Israel, Germany

Ballet, Modern dance, Contemporary


Anna Rosa Ruiz

Anna Rosa Ruiz - Spain

Flamenco Teacher and Flamenco company director Algesiers, Spain

Dheeraj Asrafi

Dheeraj Asrafi - Netherlands

Hip Hop, Jazz

Martin Meng - Ballet Teacher, Coach

Martin J. Meng - (Netherlands/Germany) - Ballet Teacher

Martin is an internationally acclaimed teacher of classical ballet, Former Dutch National Ballet,




Gabor Fuzy - Pilates master

Gabor Fuzy - Hungary

Pilates Master, healer, Yoga and body health



Karina Elver - Royal Danish Ballet

Karina Elver - (Denmark)
Dancer - Teacher - Instructor - Choreographer

Former ballerina of the Danish Royal Ballet, teaches Bourneville style


Delbo Balazs (Hungary)

Delbo Balazs (Hungary) -

Dancer, Balletmaster, choreographer and filmmaker


Balazs was a soloist at the Hungarian national Ballet, and the Vienna State Opera, as well as choreographer of prize winning pieces in Europe.



Maggie Boogaart - Graham Technique

Maggie Boogaart - ( The Netherlands, Paris )

Graham  Teacher  and  Choreographer

Maggie trained at London Contemporary Dance School (London) and the Martha Graham School (NYC), after which she worked as a dancer and guest-choreographer with 15 modern dance companies in the Netherlands.


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