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BECOME A SPONSOR, and help performing arts students to fulfill a dream of studying and performing in this special Arts for Peace project. Your kind donations will be distributed between the needy students. Any size donation will be appreciated!


We have a list of very talented music and dance students who applied to the workshop from the USA, Croatia, Hungary, Greece, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan and other countries, whom we would like to help come and participate. Those applicants are working at any spare time to collect enough money for their flight ticket, and waiting to hear from us if they will be the lucky ones to come to SIBA this year.


EDAS is donating 5 scholarships from its own income to talented students each year, but there are still some wonderful dancers whom we would like very much to help.


4 weeks workshop tuition at SIBA is € 1,750 per student (Incl. costumes for the performance)

4 weeks accommodation at the SIBA Dormitories incl. breakfast & dinner: € 640

Any size donation will be highly appreciated!

An official receipt will be mailed to you for your tax return, together with the name and photo of the student you have sponsored. Sponsors of 100 or more will receive yearly a DVD of the workshop where "Their" student attended.

Please contact us for any questions or more information


Donations can be made online using the secure website of PayPal.

Click here: (The donation amount is up to you!)

EDAS is a non-profit organization registered in Salzburg, Austria Dec. 22, 2006.

(Reg.: ZVR-150989570)


We would like to thank the following sponsors for

Their kind contribution makes this project possible!

LeasonEllis LLP - Intellectual Property Attorneys

Leason Ellis LLP

Sponsored accommodations at SIBA for a US student

ISEA CV - Generalitat Valenciana

Los estudios de Danza son cedidos por




David D'Or - Singer, Composer

David D'Or

Counter-Tenor, Israel

The Almond Business Suit hotel, Nicosia, Cyprus

The Almond Business Suites

Nicosia, Cyprus


Austrian Air Cyprus

Austrian Air Cyprus

Top Kinisis - Travel Cyprus

Top Kinisis - Travel Cyprus

In Touch Magazine - Cyprus

In Touch Magazine Cyprus


David Eaton, Director New York City Symphony Orchestra 


Austrian Embassy Tel Aviv - Cultural Club, Mr. Arad Benko


The Protected Asset TEP Fund


Mrs. S. Douglas

of Madison WI

sponsored hotel accommodations

for a US student

Mr. M. Katz

of Los Angeles CA

sponsored one tuition

for am Israeli student

Mrs. Ruth Meyer

of NYC, NY

sponsored hotel accommodations for a US student.

Jail Tips - all you need to know.....

JailTips.com has donated partial accommodations for a USA student

Oded Kafri - CD for Dancing leasons

Oded Kafri - sponsored partial accommodations for Israeli student

Cosmetics Formulator - Oded Genin

Dr. Oded Genin of Bio Anti Aging Israel Ltd. sponsored one Israeli student full tuition





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